Linux Mint 20.1 Distribution Release

Introduced distribution release Linux Mint 20.1 a > continuing development of the branch based on the Ubuntu 20.04 LTS package base. The distribution kit is fully compatible with Ubuntu, but it differs significantly in the approach to the organization of the user interface and the selection of default applications. The Linux Mint developers provide a desktop environment that follows the classic canons of desktop organization, which is more familiar to users who do not accept the new methods of building the GNOME 3 interface. DVD assemblies based on MATE 1.24 shells are available for download ( 1.9 GB ), Cinnamon 4.8 (1.9 GB ) and Xfce 4.14 ( 1.8 GB ). Linux Mint 20 is classified as a Long Term Support (LTS) release with updates until 2025.

Major changes in Linux Mint 20.1 ( MATE , Cinnamon , Xfce ):

  • New release of the desktop environment Cinnamon 4.6, the design and organization of work in which continues to develop the ideas of GNOME 2 – the user is offered a desktop and a panel with a menu, a quick launch area, a list of open windows and a system tray with running applets. Cinnamon is based on GTK3 and GNOME 3 technologies. The project develops the GNOME Shell and Mutter window manager towards providing a GNOME 2-style environment with a more modern look and feel, and leveraging elements from the GNOME Shell to complement the classic desktop experience. Xfce and MATE desktop editions ship with Xfce 4.14 and MATE 1.24 as in the previous version.

    Cinnamon 4.8 has been optimized for performance, including about 5% faster rendering at 4K resolution, reduced load when managing windows, and faster execution of JavaScript CJS bindings, translated to use the JavaScript engine SpiderMonkey 78 (Mozjs78). Improved spice compatibility – instead of being explicitly linked to Cinnamon version numbers, add-ons are now perceived as being compatible by default with future Cinnamon releases. In the application menu, the search results are sorted by relevance. Improved support for Flatpak packages. Added a mode that allows you to display the panel only when the menu is open.

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