Zhirinovsky predicted emergence of a powerful “Trump party” in United States

The recent political events in the United States may result in the appearance of a third powerful party in the country – the party of the current president Donald Trump , the leader believes Liberal Democratic Party Vladimir Zhirinovsky . His words are reported by the agency RIA Novosti .

“Now there may be a variant of the third party,” Zhirinovsky said during a working lunch-meeting of deputies of the LDPR faction. “Democratic, Republican and his own. (…) But when they say:” Let’s have one more party. ” What to do? This is where Trump struck all parties, and behind him 72 million [of those who voted for him in the elections in 2020], let half remain. “

Thus, Zhirinovsky estimated the number of voters of the “Trump party” at 30 million people. The politician noted that Trump has ambitions and money to create such a project, but it is necessary to implement the mechanism of “election campaign and party alignment”.

On January 6, Republican protesters stormed the Capitol building and surrounded the Senate Hall. Because of this, the Senate and the House of Representatives interrupted the meeting at which it was planned to approve the results of the last elections and the Democrat Joseph Biden as President of the country. The riots and the capture of the Capitol killed five people, and homemade bombs were found at the headquarters of both parties.

The bipartisan system developed in the United States back in the middle of the 19th century, since then the US Congress has been controlled by the Democratic and Republican parties.