Scientists have named symptoms of a protracted form of coronavirus

Scientists have named the symptoms of a protracted form of coronavirus, reports Express, citing researchers from the UK’s National Institute for Health and Care (NICE).

Experts said that with a protracted form of the disease, the symptoms do not go away for more than 12 weeks. However, they note that the signs of the virus in different patients can vary greatly. Among the main symptoms, scientists named pain in the chest, muscles and joints, as well as a rapid heartbeat, constant malaise, coughing and stomach problems. Also, some people who are ill can stack with fog in the head, sleep disturbances, dizziness or delirium.

Previously, scientists from the Netherlands and Belgium conducted research and studied how patients with mild COVID-19. According to them, complications can begin even several weeks or months after recovery. Moreover, every third survivor of COVID-19 becomes “more or less dependent on outside care”.