Revelation about child who died as a result of an avalanche in Norilsk

Volunteer Maxim Inikhov, who is participating in a search operation after an avalanche at the Otdelnaya Mountain ski resort in Norilsk, reported that rescuers had found a dead child, reports TASS .

According to Inikhov, the body of a one and a half year old child was found under the snow mass.

The volunteer also reported about the first person who died as a result of a natural disaster. In Emergencies Ministry confirmed the information about the discovery of a woman without signs of life.

It was noted that the husband of the deceased Vlad Popov and their one and a half year old son remained under the snow. As reported by Telegram -channel Mash, the teenager previously discovered by rescuers is the eldest son of this family.

An avalanche in the area of ​​a ski resort in the Krasnoyarsk Territory became known in the evening January 8. She covered six guest houses that did not belong to the complex and were rented out. One of them contained a family of four, including two children. Also it was reported that two people got out from under the snow on their own, but got different injury.