In United States, disowned statements about a new strain of coronavirus

In the United States, they disowned statements about the appearance of a new strain of coronavirus in the country. This was reported by The New York Times citing a representative of the Centers for Control and Disease Prevention (CDC) by Jason McDonald.

MacDonald noted that researchers and analysts at the centers have not detected any specific virus varieties in the United States.

According to the publication, reports of a new strain of coronavirus were based on the speculative statements of Dr. Deborah Birx, who expressed her hypothesis during a White House group workshop on coronavirus. It is noted that representatives of the CDC were opposed to including Birx’s statements in the final report.

Earlier in the US, warned about the emergence of a more contagious unique variant of the coronavirus. The White House working group on coronavirus published a report according to which, during the fall-spring spike in the pandemic in the country, the rate of increase in the incidence almost doubled the corresponding rates during the spring and summer outbreaks. It was assumed that the United States could develop its own strain of coronavirus.