Trump critic speaks out against his impeachment

Former US national security adviser John Bolton , criticizing Donald Trump after his resignation, opposed impeachment or any other way to remove the head of state from office. He stated this on the air CNN .

According to him, “it is better to grit your teeth and wait until noon on January 20,” when Trump’s term expires. Otherwise, if Congress declares impeachment or the Vice President Mike Pence will use 25 Amendment and declares that the President is unable to fulfill his duties, Trump will have the right to challenge any step. It will take 21 days for Congress to resolve this conflict, after Trump hands over powers Joe Biden .

“Imagine: in the last days of the Trump administration, two people will compete for the presidency. Is it better for us to have two presidents who have been competing with each other for the last 13 days? I am sure that in this case, the situation will become much worse,” – Bolton warned.

Earlier on January 9, Democrats in US Congress found an excuse to remove Trump from power. They posted a draft document of impeachment online, accusing the president of “inciting mutiny.”

On January 6, Republican protesters burst into the Capitol building and surrounded the Senate hall … The Senate and the House of Representatives interrupted a meeting at which it was planned to approve the results of the last elections. According to this data, Democrat Joe Biden won the presidential elections. During the protests, five people died, the police detained almost 70 participants in the riots.