Rescue of four people from an avalanche in Norilsk was denied

The management of the tourist base in the mountain ski complex “Otdelnaya Mountain” denied the rescue of four people from the avalanche. Igor Shatalov , the chairman of the board of the company that manages the private base, reported TASS that the search continues.

Shatalov confirmed that two people got out from under the snow on their own, but they received various injuries, at the moment they were taken by an ambulance. According to him, rescue work at the avalanche site will definitely continue until Saturday morning.

Earlier, sources of TASS and Interfax reported that after an avalanche at the ski resort four people were rescued.

In addition, it became known that rescuers found a young woman fragile physique. However, the head of the Norilsk department for civil defense and emergency situations, Yevgeny Panferov, said that a 15-year-old teenager was saved. His condition is assessed as serious.