Ukraine’s SBI is interested in “secret vaccination” against COVID-19

The State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) of Ukraine has launched an investigation after media publications about the “secret vaccination” against COVID-19, reports “” citing the department.

Currently, investigators are collecting data and interviewing witnesses.

Earlier, the Security Service and Police of Ukraine began checking rumors that Clandestine VIP vaccination against coronavirus is being carried out in the country, for which a contraband vaccine is used. Deputy head Ministry of Internal Affairs country Anton Gerashchenko emphasized that a special tax must be paid to import medical products into the country.

“” edition reported that some Ukrainian officials, politicians and businessmen were vaccinated against the coronavirus. The origin of the vaccine was unknown. Later, one of the employees of the Kiev clinic confirmed to the “” journalist the information that the secret VIP vaccination against COVID-19 is being carried out at the institution.

Officially, Ukraine has not purchased any of the existing vaccines against COVID-19. On January 3, the head of the state enterprise “Medical Procurement of Ukraine” said that the contract for the supply of two drugs at once failed. Ministry of Health stated that the company simply could not provide a bank guarantee to the manufacturer.