Peasants brought body of a neighbor to bank in order to get money for his cremation

In India, peasants brought the corpse of a neighbor to the bank in order to get funds from his account for cremation. Bank employees were forced to yield to them, the Daily Mail reports.

A lonely man died in his village home at the age of 55. Neighbors found him a few hours later. They searched the Indian’s home to find money or jewelry to pay for the funeral. They did not find anything of value, but they did find a savings account with $ 1,600 on it.

According to police officer Amrendar Kumar, local residents brought his body to the bank and refused to leave until the branch manager gave them funds for cremation from a savings bank. As a result, the employees of the credit institution were forced to yield.

“After more than an hour, I gave them money ($ 135), and they finally left the bank with his body,” said the head of the branch, Sanjev Kumar, admitting that such a scene caused panic.

As one of the deceased’s neighbors noted, the man had no means of subsistence and did not receive any help from the state. For a long time, the Hindu was ill, there was no one to look after him. Neighbors helped the man by bringing him ready-made food and clothes.