A married bricklayer made a tunnel from his house to house of his mistress and was caught

In Mexico, a married bricklayer made a tunnel to secretly meet with his mistress, and was caught. The Daily Mail reports.

The builder Alberto dug a tunnel from his house to the home of his beloved Pamela, who lives in the municipality of Villa del Prado. The Mexican made his way to his mistress along a secret passage, while his wife slept, and Pamela’s husband, George the guard, went to night shifts.

Once George returned from work earlier than usual and caught his wife in treason. The husband began to look for Alberto and as a result found him under the sofa, where there was a passage to the tunnel. George went down to the underground corridor, walked to the very end and ended up in Alberto’s house.

The lover asked George not to tell his wife about the infidelity, but he did not cover him up. A scuffle began between the men, which was stopped by the patrolmen.

Previously it was reported that in the Mexican city of Puerto Peñasco, Sonora , a jealous man dug a tunnel to spy on his ex-wife and got stuck in it. Rescuers who arrived at the scene took the Mexican out of the underground passage for 45 minutes.