Angler caught world’s largest sea bass

A record-sized marbled seabass (Dermatolepis inermis) was caught off the coast of the US state of Texas. The website reports about it.

A fisherman Erik Peterson (Erik Peterson) caught a fish in the Gulf of Mexico time of 56-hour sea trip near the Texas city of Port Aransas. After returning to shore, he weighed the catch and found that the perch weighs 21.43 kilograms.

The largest marbled seabass registered with the Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife was caught in 2012 and weighed 17 kilograms. The largest fish of this species in the world, registered by the International Sport Fishing Association (IGFA), weighed 14 kilograms and was caught in 2019 off the coast of the American state of Louisiana.

To register a world record, Peterson must submit an application to the International Sport Fishing Association (IGFA) with the length of the line and a description of the tackle used, and a photograph of the fish.

In April, it became known that a resident of the American state of Mississippi caught in Mexican a bay of record-sized yellowfin tuna. The fisherman fought with the fish for five and a half hours to get it out of the water. The tuna caught was 122 centimeters long and weighing 107 kilograms.