Girl went to toilet at night and died in teeth of a lion

In the Indian village of Dhanfuliya, Gujarat, a lion tore to pieces a teenage girl who went to the toilet in the forest at night, reports Outlook India.

Late in the evening on Monday, December 21, two girls from a family of migrants working in the field of agriculture left their homes in the forest out of need. Wild animals attacked them along the way.

“They were attacked by two young lions. One of the animals carried off the 14-year-old victim and tore her to pieces. Our employee who was nearby heard a noise and hurried to the scene. He saw the lions. Soon after, the body of the deceased was found.” , – said the deputy head of the local forestry Sunil Berwa.

The second girl managed to escape by jumping into the water tank.

The deceased was identified as Bhavna Baria.

To catch the predators, representatives of the local authorities set up cages in the vicinity of the village. Locals said they have seen lions nearby over the past few months. Predators hunted livestock.

Earlier it was reported that in the Indian state of Maharashtra, a man-eating leopard for 35 days killed 12 people. For the whole month, he methodically killed people every three days.