Deputy filed for divorce due to decision of his wife to leave for another party

An Indian MP, a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party, Saumitra Khan, filed for divorce from his wife Sujata Mondal Khan over her decision to join the rival Trinamul Congress party (national party) reports BBC News .

The woman spoke about her decision at a press conference in Calcutta. She stated that she was leaving the Bharatiya Janata party because of the lack of respect for her, as well as because of corruption: the party leaders bribed opponents from rival associations, promising them money in exchange for loyalty.

Hours later, at another hastily convened press conference, 40-year-old Khan announced his decision to file for divorce. Local reporters note that the meeting was dramatic: the politician could hardly hold back his tears when he talked about breaking off a 10-year relationship with his wife.

“Please refrain from using my last name in the future. Please do not call yourself the wife of Saumitra Khan. I give you complete freedom to determine your political destiny,” the deputy said, addressing his wife. Khan then accused Trinamool Congress of the party kidnapping his love.

The conflict between the spouses occurred against the background of preparations for elections in the state of West Bengal. The main struggle for power is between the Trinamul Congress and Bharatiya Janata parties.