Severely ill woman lost medical care due to skin color and died

Susan Moore, a seriously ill COVID-19 black resident of the US city of Indianapolis, said that she lost medical care because of her skin color reports The New York Times .

Moore was admitted to an Indianapolis hospital complaining of shortness of breath. Her coronavirus tests were positive. According to the patient, she went to a white doctor who played down her pain complaints and refused to prescribe her medication. Once he even offered to write her out, despite the fact that she felt bad. The woman suggested that she was mistaken for a drug addict who wants to receive a “dose” of psychoactive substances contained in drugs.

Moore stressed that she works as a doctor, so she tried to defend her vision for the right treatment. However, the paramedics still ignored her requests. Soon, the woman recorded a video, where she told about the incident – it was widely distributed on the network. “If I was white, I would be supported. I would not have to go through all this,” – said the patient.

Despite numerous complaints and ongoing health problems, the woman was still discharged from the hospital. Two weeks after publishing her videos, Moore died from complications from COVID-19. Hospital officials said they could not comment on this situation in accordance with the privacy law.

“As an organization committed to the principles of fairness and the reduction of racial inequalities in healthcare, we take allegations of discrimination very seriously and we investigate each and every one of them,” it said.