Coronavirus-infected teacher escapes from doctors by train

A coronavirus-infected teacher from India escaped from doctors by train, according to the Hindustan Times.

Upon arrival at New Delhi airport, the woman returning from the UK tested positive for the virus and was taken to hospital. According to the accepted rules, the teacher was supposed to go to a seven-day quarantine, but instead, she took her medical record and secretly left the hospital. The authorities intercepted her on the train in a first class compartment. She was heading to her hometown in Andhra Pradesh. It is noted that, as a result, the woman and her son, who accompanied her, were taken to a medical facility for quarantine.

Earlier, migrants from Nigeria who were admitted to a military hospital in Rome due to infection with the coronavirus, attacked the medical staff and attempted to escape from the clinic. Representatives of the Italian Ministry of Defense said that two women and a man first demanded to be discharged from the hospital, but after refusing, they decided to force their way.