Expert revealed way celebrities hide a double chin in photo

Photographer and founder of the Art of Being Photographed course has revealed a way to hide a double chin in photos and videos. Her words are quoted by the Daily Mail.

American Renata Cesar spoke about the technique that many celebrities use during filming to achieve a clear face shape and sharp cheekbones. So, the expert explained that in front of the camera it is necessary to stretch the chin forward at a slight angle.

“Imagine there is a peach under your chin that you have to hold,” Cesar explained. According to her, this makes the face and neck look slimmer in pictures and videos, as a shadow forms under the raised chin.

This technique is used, for example, by the entrepreneur Kylie Jenner, actress Reese Witherspoon a >, as well as TV stars Kim and Khloe Kardashian .

“During video calls, we feel insecure, so we often throw our heads back, pressing our chin to our neck – this is how we get extra folds, and the neck merges with our face,” the specialist concluded.

Earlier in September 2019 Bella Hadid I got caught on a double chin in Photoshop and angered the fans. The supermodel has released a snapshot from the MTV Video Music Awards. Fans noticed that her photo was different from the frame taken by the paparazzi, and scolded her in the comments.