Woman lost 33 kilograms after pregnancy and revealed a way to lose weight

A resident of India told how she was able to lose 33 kilograms in a year. Her method was shared by The Times of India.

31-year-old Mitu Chiyagi (Meetu Tyagi) admitted that she gained much more pounds during pregnancy than she expected. Due to her excess weight, she constantly suffocated, it was difficult for her to do housework, climb stairs and play with a child. At the peak, Chiyagi weighed 98 kilograms. The Indian woman is determined to lose weight, despite her thyroid problems and polycystic ovary syndrome.

First of all, the woman completely gave up fast food and cut down on sugar. For breakfast, she eats chickpea pancakes, oats, rice or a sandwich, dines on gluten-free pita bread with seasonal vegetables and kalya, and dines on sugar-free lotus seed pudding, bulgur or quinoa. After training, Chiyagi drinks beet juice. Sometimes she indulges in potato-filled tortillas or vegetable curry on a bun.

The Indian woman goes in for sports at home six days a week. She combines Pilates, strength training, jogging and jumping rope. Chiyagi practices yoga from time to time. “Regular exercise is very beneficial. It dramatically improves health and energy levels,” she said.

Chiyagi stated that exercising and changing her eating habits not only helped her lose weight, but also solve health problems. This, she claims, is the best motivation to keep working on your body. The Indian advises everyone who is going to start leading a healthy lifestyle to set small, realistic and specific goals.