Sniper shot dead leopard-eater that killed 12 people

A sniper in the Indian city of Baramati, Maharashtra state, shot a man-eating leopard, which killed 12 people in 35 days, reports the Pune Mirror edition.

The leopard terrorized the outskirts of Solapur and Ahmednagar for more than a month. 12 people became victims of the predator. Residents of Baramati have lodged a complaint with the state human rights commission that officials are not taking enough measures to capture and kill the predator. However, the beast managed to escape several times, and the victims only became more. Then the local authorities decided to kill the animal.

December 11, Maharashtra Forestry Department invited snipers of Harshwardhan Tavare from the state of Pune and Dhavalsinh Mohite-Patil from Solapur. They tracked him down and opened fire, but the leopard managed to escape again.

Employees of the state forestry department set a trap at a banana farm in Wangi village in order to be able to lure the predator closer to the shooter. On Friday evening, December 18, Dhavalsinh Mohite-Patil fired three bursts at a wild cat from a distance of about five meters and successfully hit the target.

Earlier it was reported that in India a man-eating leopard stole a four-month-old child and tore him to pieces. The murdered baby slept in the open air near a family of shepherds in the Indian village of Yejong, Maharashtra state.