Electors in several American states decide on a new president

Electoral colleges in several American states have finally decided on their votes in the election of the new US president. The Vermont electors were the first to complete the voting procedure, as evidenced by the data published at site of The Washington Post.

So, according to the newspaper, all three votes in the state were given for the candidate from Democratic Party Joe Biden .

In addition, voting has already ended in Indiana and New Hampshire: the current American leader Donald Trump received 11 votes from Indiana’s electors, while Biden received four in New Hampshire. The current US president received 11 more votes from the electors in Tennessee and six in Mississippi.

On November 3, 2020, regular presidential elections were held in the United States. According to media estimates, Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden got the necessary electoral votes to win and beat Trump. Biden has already declared himself President-elect of the United States.

An electoral college vote is scheduled for Monday, December 14th. Trump is expected to receive 232 votes, Biden 306. The votes will be counted by Congress on January 6th. The President-elect will take the oath of office at the inauguration on January 20.