Student explained losing weight by 20 kilograms in five months

An overweight Indian resident lost 20 kilograms in five months and told how he did it. The Times of India writes about this.

24-year-old medical student Bishop Adhikari believes he gained weight from a sedentary lifestyle. In a matter of months, he put on weight up to 95 kilograms with an increase of 172 centimeters. He had to buy oversized clothes and give up his favorite sports. The young man quickly got tired, his blood pressure often increased and he began to have breathing problems.

To lose weight, Adhikari has become more attentive to his own health. He stopped consuming sugar and junk food, began to monitor portion size and nutritional value of products, tries to drink at least four to five liters of water a day and sleep at least six to seven hours a day.

The Indian trains six days a week. Every day, he does a 30-minute cardio workout, after which he goes on a 30-minute run for four to five kilometers. Whenever possible, the young man also devotes 45 minutes to yoga.

Earlier it was reported that a resident of the English city of Wallingford, Oxfordshire, hiding dependence on fast food from friends, managed to get rid of bad food habits and lost 44 kilograms without going to the gym. She put a calorie counter on her phone and gradually reduced her calorie intake to 1200 calories a day.