OpenWrt update 18.06.9 and 19.07.5

Distribution updates published OpenWrt 19.07.5 and 18.06.9 , targeted for use in various network devices such as routers and access points. OpenWrt supports many different platforms and architectures and has a build system that allows you to easily and conveniently cross-compile, including various components in the assembly, which makes it easy to create a ready-made firmware or disk image adapted for specific tasks with the desired set of pre-installed packages. Builds generated for 37 target platforms. The OpenWrt 18.06.9 release will be the last in the 18.06 series, users are encouraged to upgrade to the 19.07 branch.

From changes in OpenWrt 07.19.5 notes:

  • Fixed network stability issues on devices with mt7620, ipq40xx and ath79 drivers.
  • Improved support for My Net devices Range Extender, PowerCloud Systems CAP324, D-Link DIR-645 and Quad-E4G.
  • Added support for the new version of the Turris Omnia router.
  • Problems with USB 3G modems have been resolved.
  • Bugs in the implementation of the LuCI web interface have been fixed.
  • The Linux kernel has been updated to release 4.14.209.
  • Updated firmwares with microcode for AMD and Intel processors.
  • Fixed vulnerabilities in libuci (CVE-2020-28951), musl (CVE-2020-28928) and Linux kernel (CVE- 2020-25705).