Son received a surprise from his father who died six years ago and touched hundreds of people

A young man received money for his first beer as a surprise from his father who died six years ago, reports The Indian Express.

Matt Goodman is 21 years old. On his birthday, his sister bought him his first beer for ten dollars (731 rubles), which their late father left behind.

“Almost six years ago, before he died, my father gave this bill to my sister to give it to me on my 21st birthday. So he was able to buy me my first beer,” Goodman wrote on Twitter. His message went viral and touched hundreds of people.

“I hope you are doing well today. I am sending you my love, although I know that you are already surrounded by my father’s love,” one of the users wrote.

“This is so great! My father died when I was 13. I would give anything to just have a beer, watch a sports channel, play cards or just talk to him. But I know that now he is in a better world and it makes me happy, “said another.

Earlier it was reported that in the British city of Barry, South Wales, an old man after his death, he left his neighbors’ daughter Christmas gifts for the next 14 years. Apparently, among the gifts there are books, three or four soft toys and, perhaps, a Lego Duplo “, – said the girl’s father.