Madonna’s daughter in a bikini criticized for unshaven armpits on vacation with her boyfriend

The daughter of an American pop singer Madonna model Leon Lourdes hit the lens of photographers in a bikini and with unshaven armpits. Pictures are published by the Daily Mail.

The paparazzi filmed the 24-year-old celebrity in a bathing suit, consisting of a neon yellow bra and black swimming trunks. Her image was complemented by a gold pendant on the neck. The girl was captured while relaxing on the beach in the Mexican city of Tulum with her boyfriend.

Netizens criticized Lourdes’ appearance in the comments below the published photos. “Another idiot with stupid tattoos all over her body and disgusting fingernails. It turns out that she shaves her bikini area and legs, but does not shave her armpits. It’s strange”, “I would like to see it”, “Looks like a man”, “Another dirty a cow, a copy of the mother “,” She looks more like Maradona than Madonna, “they said.

In August, Leon Lourdes in a mini dress showed unshaven armpits in the photo with Mother. In the featured picture, mother and daughter were captured in an embrace during Madonna’s 62nd anniversary celebrations in Jamaica. The 24-year-old model was captured in a sleeveless blue mini dress with unshaved armpits, which caused disgust among users.