Crocodile killed a farmer near a ritual facility for dead

In the Indian state of Odisha (Orissa), a crocodile killed a farmer, according to Kalinga TV.

The attack occurred when a man was collecting grass for livestock near ghata – a stone structure on the bank of the river, where the followers of Hinduism arrange ritual ablutions and cremate the dead. The reptile grabbed him and dragged him into the water.

When the farmer did not return home in the evening, his relatives went in search. Later, other villagers noticed the body of the deceased on the shore. The police took the body for autopsy, representatives of the forestry department are looking for the crocodile.

Ridged crocodile is considered one of the largest carnivores on the planet. Males of this species reach seven meters in length and can weigh up to two tons. They are found on the eastern shores of India, many countries in Southeast Asia, Papua New Guinea and northern Australia.

In November, the mating season begins in salted crocodiles, which lasts until February. During this time, they are especially aggressive and fiercely defend their territory. From March to August, comby crocodiles lay their eggs.

In 2018 it was reported about a crocodile attack on a 14-year-old schoolchild, which also happened near the ghat. Residents of his village blamed the boy’s death on the authorities, who fenced off the ghat so that he would not attract predators.