Child found alive in morgue dies after five weeks

A newborn baby in the Mexican city of Puebla was found alive in a morgue freezer. He passed away five weeks after the incident, reports the New York Post.

Lazarito Albino was born October 21 after 23 weeks of pregnancy (Normal gestation is 17 weeks longer on average). Doctors considered him stillborn, took him to the morgue and placed him in a freezer. The boy’s father signed the death certificate.

When, six hours later, the funeral agency staff came to fetch the child, they found that the boy began to cry and move. “We asked the father to come, and he also saw that the child was crying,” said the funeral director.

The boy was admitted to the intensive care unit, but he died on Friday, November 27th. He was buried on Saturday 28 November.

The child’s parents, Santiago and Elisa Albino, accuse the hospital of negligence. They lodged a complaint with the National Human Rights Commission, which organized an investigation into the incident. “We’re going to get to the bottom of what really happened when Lazarito was born,” the parents said.

Previously it was reported that in Kenya a man “came to life” in a morgue during time of body embalming procedure. The morgue employee made an incision in Keegen’s leg, after which he screamed in pain.