Wife’s quick wits saved her husband from an angry wild elephant

The wits of a resident of Bingkan province in Thailand saved her husband from being attacked by an angry elephant, reports Asia One.

A wild elephant attacked and stomped on 33-year-old rubber collector Supat Klonsalab.

37-year-old Primanee Chairat, the worker’s wife, rushed to his aid. She quickly grabbed objects that came under her arm and began to knock and scream with them. The animal got scared of the noise and disappeared.

Kolnsalab was taken to hospital with minor injuries.

Chairat said that elephants do not live in this area. The head of the nearby Phu Wua wildlife sanctuary, Taweep Khamphaengmuang, apologized for the incident and explained that elephants sometimes leave the sanctuary in search of food. He offered the couple gifts and money to cover the costs of the victim’s treatment.

Hampfengmuang advised local residents to install bright lighting around their property or burn chili to scare off wildlife.

Earlier it was reported that an elephant trampled on a resident of the Indian city of Ramnagar, Uttarakhand state who grazed his livestock in the forest. The local forester said that the Indian was injured and was hospitalized, but died in the hospital.