Tiger tore girl left alone on field

A tiger tore a 15-year-old girl left alone in a field near the Indian city of Asifabad, Telangana state, reports the Times Now News.

On Sunday, November 29, Pasula Nirmala was left alone in the field while her two brothers went to fetch water from the stream. She was attacked by a tiger.

Hearing the sister’s cries for help, the brothers ran to her. They started screaming to scare the animal away. The tiger dragged the girl about 15 meters, threw her and disappeared into the forest.

This is the second case in the area in the last 18 days. On November 11, 22-year-old Siddam Vigneshwar was killed in a tiger attack in the village of Digida, 30 kilometers from the site of the attack on Nirmala. A big cat attacked him when he and his friends went to the lake to fish.

Representatives of the forestry said that the tiger that attacked Vigneshwar came from the neighboring state of Maharashtra. “This tiger has returned back to the forest in the state of Maharashtra,” they said.

Earlier it was reported that employees of the forestry department of the Indian city of Chandrapur, state Maharashtra, caught a tiger that killed at least eight people. The task of the forestry department was complicated by the fact that the tiger attacked the bait only at night, when the use of tranquilizers was prohibited.