WHO reports first drop in coronavirus infections worldwide since September

World Health Organization (WHO) reported the first decrease in the number of coronavirus infections in the world from the beginning of September, said WHO Director General Tedros Gebreyesus.

According to him, the first reduction in the number of new cases in the world was recorded last week. At the same time, he noted that this was achieved thanks to a decrease in the number of infections in Europe, which was the result of the introduction of severe restrictive measures in the region.

Gebreyesus added that in other parts of the world, the number of new cases of coronavirus infection is still on the rise, as well as the number of deaths from the disease. The CEO urged everyone to take a responsible approach to the New Year holidays.

Formerly Special Envoy of the World Health Organization (WHO) David Nabarro warned that if European countries do not build the necessary infrastructure now, then at the beginning of 2021 they are facing the third wave of COVID-19. According to him, Europe managed to take control of the first wave of coronavirus, but it could not prevent the second.

An outbreak of COVID-19 pneumonia caused by a novel coronavirus was first recorded in December 2019 in Wuhan. On March 11, WHO announced that the situation could be characterized as a pandemic. According to the latest data, more than 63 million people are infected worldwide.