Man returned home after his own cremation

In India, a man returned home after his own cremation. This story is reported by NDTV.

In early November, a 75-year-old Indian tested positive for coronavirus. He was hospitalized, and two days later his relatives were informed of his death. The body was stored in accordance with the rules to prevent the spread of coronavirus, and the man’s face was shown to his relatives at a distance, due to which they probably could not clearly see it.

As the relatives said, they cremated the body when they got a call and said that the man had recovered and needed to be taken from the hospital. “We are shocked and surprised. We brought him home. We do not know who was cremated,” said the Indian’s son.

It turned out that the man was confused with another deceased patient with coronavirus. The North Bengal Department of Health has set up a four-member committee to investigate the incident.

Earlier, a resident of the Indian city of Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh, appeared in the police a week after she was identified as a murder victim and buried.