95-year-old woman fell into a seven-meter well and spent four hours in it

An elderly resident of the Indian region of Vizhinjam, Kerala state, fell into a well and spent four and a half hours there before rescuers pulled her to the surface, reports Mathrubhuni.

95-year-old Devaki lives in the house with her daughter. Every morning she wakes up and goes outside for a short walk.

On Wednesday morning, November 25, Devaki went outside at seven in the morning and did not return. Later, a young man named John (John) discovered her in a seven-meter well. The woman stood up to her neck in water and held on to the rope. She spent about 4.5 hours underground.

The rescuers who arrived at the scene went down to the pensioner and brought her to the surface using a net. After that Devaki was taken to the hospital.

Previously it was reported that a girl from the American Riverside County, California, fell into a well with water and spent 45 minutes there until she was rescued. The girl accidentally stepped on a wooden plank that covered the hole in the ground and fell to a depth of 15 meters.