Secret of ancient rock carvings revealed

Scientists at the University of Central Lancashire in the UK have found that ancient people expressed their hallucinogenic experience through rock paintings. While this link has been suggested, there has so far been no conclusive evidence that the use of hallucinogenic substances by Indian tribes influenced prehistoric art. An article by researchers, which reveals the mystery of the visual arts of the indigenous peoples of America, was published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Archaeologists have discovered on the ceiling of a California cave prehistoric images of the Datura wrightii plant, which has historically been used as a hallucinogen during ceremonial rites. Biological samples were also found with alkaloids (scopolamine and atropine) of Datura, which were used by ancient people during rituals carried out under the rock art. According to experts, the drawing itself was not made under the influence of plant substances, but expressed gratitude to the indigenous people of California to the sacred flower.

According to the authors of the article, the discovery provides a deeper understanding of the life of Native American communities and their relationships from late prehistoric times to the colonial period. Hallucinogenic plants served not only as a source of creative inspiration for ancient people, but also played a central role in rituals and the formation of the communal system.