Woman lost 13 kilograms and shared secrets of success

73-kilogram resident of India lost 13 kilograms in eight months and shared the secrets of her success. The Times of India reports.

34-year-old yoga and Indian dance teacher Kathak Anushri Gupta went through two pregnancies in a row and did not have time to get back into shape. At its peak, her weight was 73 kilograms. The Indian woman decided to change her diet and lifestyle in order to lose weight.

“I knew I needed to stay fit, not only to get back to work, but to justify my profession. I started training at home and practicing intermittent fasting,” Gupta admitted.

In the morning, a woman is hungry and drinks only a cup of black coffee. For lunch, the heaviest meal of the day, Gupta eats lentils, rice, a sabzi vegetable dish with two tortillas, and a bowl of yogurt. Sometimes she eats eggs. She later drinks green tea or coffee. For dinner, the Indian prefers a glass of milk with dried fruits or cereals. Occasionally an egg and protein shake. The Indian noted that, in principle, you can eat anything, but you should strictly limit portions.

“My workouts are a mixture of different exercises, including yoga and high-intensity interval training. Since I am also a dancer, I practiced dancing. Trying to keep up with my two children can also be considered exercise,” she joked.

Gupta stressed that there is no one way through which one could easily lose weight. “There are a lot of lifestyle changes to make to reach your goal. Find a balance between diet and exercise that suits your needs, exercise at least five days a week, stay focused and disciplined on the way to your goal, and get yourself a good night’s sleep,” she said. .

Old photographs in which she was overweight help her stay motivated.