Owners snatched puppy from mouth of python that was strangling him

A family from Australia’s Sunshine Coast, Queensland, rescued their two-month-old puppy from an attacked rhombic python, reports ABC News.

On Tuesday evening, November 24, Kelly Morris and her partner heard their puppy, Wallie, a two and a half month old wolfhound mestizo screaming in pain. They ran out and found the pet in a pool of blood.

“It was like a horror movie. The snake wrapped around Wally’s belly and neck and bit into his face,” Morris said. The pair hastily tried to unwind the two-meter diamond python and rip the dog’s head out of the snake’s mouth. They put the python in a pillowcase and hid it in a trash can to prevent the reptile from getting out.

Wally was taken to the vet, where he was x-rayed and examined to make sure he was okay. Doctors gave the puppy powerful pain relievers and antibiotics. On one side he had a bruised lung.

“We are so relieved! Especially the children are happy that he is okay,” Morris said. She said Wally is recovering from a snake attack.

“When the hunting instinct of snakes turns on, they become very strong and powerful … The snake does not take long to strangle the victim. Fortunately, they were able to remove the snake from the puppy before we arrived, so the hard work has already been done . If they were waiting for us, the dog would be dead. But luckily, everything is fine, “said Stuart McKenzie the snake catcher.

Previously it was reported that a resident of the Indian village of Golihol near the city of Bendur, state Karnataka, rescued his dog from a six-meter python. A huge reptile coiled around the pet and tried to swallow it.