Director of Yuzhnoye design bureau dies infected with coronavirus

In Ukraine, director of Yuzhnoye design bureau died of complications caused by coronavirus Alexander Degtyarev . This was announced on November 24 by the office of the President of the country, the newspaper NV writes.

According to the report, Degtyarev was one of the most experienced specialists in the Ukrainian aerospace industry.

“He understood how important it is to integrate Ukraine into the global work to expand the possibilities of mankind in space. He succeeded even when the selfishness of Ukrainian politicians prevented them from seeing at least something other than their own benefit,” the president’s office said.

Degtyarev was 69 years old. He began working at the Yuzhnoye Design Bureau in 1975 after graduating from the Leningrad Mechanical Institute. He took over the company in 2010.

Since the beginning of the pandemic in Ukraine, almost 648 thousand people have contracted the coronavirus, 11 263 have died, about 300 thousand have recovered.