Remains of more than 100 people found in a mass grave in Mexico

The remains of more than 100 people were found in a mass grave in Mexico, according to Mirror.

It is noted that law enforcement officers found a burial in the municipality of El Salto, Jalisco state. It is known that this territory is controlled by the “Jalisco – New Generation” cartel, which is led by one of the most dangerous bandits in the country, named El Mencho. Prosecutor Gerardo Octavio Solis said at a press conference that so far, only 30 of at least 113 bodies have been identified.

The Jalisco – New Generation cartel has existed since 2009. In 2015, its members attacked a military helicopter during a failed attempt to capture the leader of the gang, Nemesio Oseger, a former police officer known as El Mencho. As a result, eight people died.

In October, it was reported that in the Mexican state of Guanajuato, police found a secret burial with the bodies of 59 people. It is known that most of the bodies found are the bodies of adolescents, and ten dead women are also reported. Presumably, the remains of victims of local organized crime groups of drug cartels were found in a common grave. Prior to that, the remains of 24-year-old Mexican model Yessenia Alvarado, who was abducted while shopping by unknown persons, also discovered in a secret mass grave. In addition to her body, the remains of at least six other people were found in the grave