Trump Republican Senators Revealed

American journalist Carl Bernstein, known for his coverage of the Watergate scandal, which contributed to the resignation of the 37th US President Richard Nixon , revealed the names of two dozen senators from Republican Party , who have repeatedly expressed contempt for the current head of state Donald Trump . He published a list of politicians convicted of dislike for the American leader in his Twitter -account.

The list includes Ben Sass (Ben Sasse) from Nebraska, Susan Collins (Susan Collins) from Maine, Lisa Murkowski from Alaska , Rick Scott (Rick Scott) and Marco Rubio (Marco Rubio) from Florida, Chuck Grassley (Chuck Grassley) from Iowa and Martha McSally from Arizona. In addition, the journalist pointed out Rob Portman (Rob Portman) from Ohio, Lamar Alexander (Lamar Alexander) from Tennessee, Roy Blunt from Missouri, John Cornin a> (John Cornyn) from Texas, John Thune from South Dakota, Mitta Romney (Mitt Romney) from Utah, Mike Brown (Mike Braun and Todd Young from Indiana, Tim Scott from South Carolina, Richard Burr from North Carolina, Pat Toomey from Pennsylvania, Jerry Moran and Pat Roberts from Kansas, and Richard yes Shelby (Richard Shelby) from Alabama.

According to Bernstein, he learned about the similar attitude of the named senators to Trump from their colleagues, staff members of their offices, lobbyists and sources in the White House. At the same time, the politicians themselves, for the most part, have never spoken out publicly against the policies of the incumbent president. In addition, some of them even took an active part in Trump’s election campaign: for example, Florida Senator Rubio spoke at his recent rally.

As the journalist noted, many, if not most, of the senators he listed were happy with Trump’s defeat in the election. At the same time, they were afraid to openly criticize the American leader, because they knew that his support could secure their re-election in the Senate elections.

Karl Bernstein was one of the journalists of The Washington Post , thanks to which In the 1970s, the Watergate political scandal erupted in the United States. After a series of publications in the media about an attempt to establish wiretapping at the headquarters of Democratic Party a > Republican President Richard Nixon was forced to resign in 1974.