Ukraine began to develop a plan for a full lockdown

The Government of Ukraine has begun to develop a plan to introduce a full lockdown in the country due to with the coronavirus pandemic, the Prime Minister confirmed Denis Shmygal . This was reported on Saturday, November 21, by “”.

According to him, the “weekend” lockdown remains an alternative. It will be in effect this week and next. “After that, we can evaluate its result. We see this result in reaching a plateau in terms of the number of cases,” Shmygal noted.

He added that a “plan B” is being developed in case the “weekend” quarantine does not work. “We have begun a public discussion of this plan so that the whole country understands it. We want our steps to be clear and predictable for people and business,” Shmygal explained.

He reported on daily consultations with epidemiologists and infectious disease specialists, the situation is being analyzed for each region. “We are doing all this now in order to work out a joint, balanced and supported by all plan. I want to emphasize once again: there is not a single date for the introduction of stricter quarantine now,” concluded Shmygal.

Earlier it was reported that Ukraine has set an anti-record for new cases of coronavirus.