In Ukraine, they chose a sketch of a large coat of arms

Ukraine has chosen the winner of the competition for the best sketch of a large state emblem, “” reports.

It was the work of the Honored Artist of Ukraine Oleksiy Kokhan, who co-authored the small coat of arms (trident) in 1992. The sketch shows a trident, a Cossack with a musket (symbolizing the Cossacks), the Archangel Michael, who is considered the patron saint of Kiev, and a lion – a symbol of Lvov.

Now the project should be supported by Verkhovna Rada . If at least 300 deputies vote for the drawing, it will officially become the coat of arms.

The large coat of arms is provided for by the Constitution of Ukraine, but all attempts to approve it failed in parliament. The new sketch was also criticized, including in the Rada.

“The winning project has an extremely low quality of graphics, an imbalanced composition and a Soviet-style sharovar Cossack. There will not be 300 votes in parliament for such a quality of work,” – a deputy from Servant of the People Dmitry Gurin . “The heraldic salad,” said the ex-head of the Institute of National Remembrance Vladimir Vyatrovich .