What changes in December for household budget: taxes, Christmas bonus, energy check, repair bonuses

This month will be marked in particular by the payment of the Christmas premium, in mid-December, and part of the “exceptional” energy checks. Several tax procedures are also to be carried out.

by Aurélie Blondel

Pending the entry into force, the 1 er next January, many changes affecting the resources and expenses of the households, few new things are announced this 1 december. However, several deadlines should not be forgotten, especially in terms of taxes. The month of Christmas will also be marked by the payment of two highly anticipated aid, and by the implementation of a financial incentive to repair its electrical or electronic devices.

income tax: three deadlines

Open in early August, the online correction service of the 2022 income declaration (relating to the 2021 income) is due to close Wednesday, December 14. There are therefore only two weeks left to use it if you want to modify an element of your Declaration of spring 2022. Attention, this tool is not usable if you have made a paper declaration. After this date, you can always send a complaint to taxes, until December 31, 2024, by internet through your site messaging Impot.gouv.fr , or by mail.

This December 14 will also be the last day to remove or reduce the amount of your advance by 60 % of credits and tax reductions, the payment of which must take place in January 2023. This advance concerns individuals benefiting from advantages “recurring” tax taxes, for example for the employment of an employee at home or a person to keep children. Some may have an interest in modulating the amount of the advance if their expenses decreased in 2022, to avoid having to reimburse a tax overwhelming in the summer of 2023.

Finally, if you had a balance of tax to be paid on your 2020 income and that it was greater than 300 euros, the fourth and last levy of the tax administration is scheduled for Tuesday, December 27.

Secondary residences and vacant housing: taxes to be paid

Another tax deadline of the month: payment of the housing tax for second homes – and certain main residences. If you adjust it by a non -dematerialized means, the deadline is set for December 15; If you pay online or by direct debit, it’s December 20.

These deadlines are also worth for the payment of the tax on vacant housing which applies only to the accommodation located in the tense areas, at the rate of 12.5 % or 25 % of the rental value and the housing tax On vacant housing, a sort of residential surcharge which can be due outside the tense zones, if the municipality has decided to set up such a device.

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