Liberal doctors’ strike: reasons for “historic common front”

engaged in negotiations with the “security”, all the unions of liberal doctors call for the closure of the firms on December 1 and 2. A movement reinforced by that, for the second time in a month, laboratories.

by Mattea Battaglia and Delphine Roucaute

Anger rumbles in the ranks of liberal doctors. All the unions representative of a profession which does not however carry the strike in its DNA called for mobilization over two days, Thursday 1 er and Friday 2 December. According to a shock modality: the closure of medical offices.

From the memory of a trade unionist, we had not seen the same ras -le -bol crossing city medicine since 2015 – and the Touraine law – even since 2002. And the echo could be increased by the rallying of biologists who announced, for the second time in less than a month, to close the laboratories, in order to protest against the “stroke of planer” which is asked for them within the framework of the draft budget of the “security”.

A “historic common front”, have agreed to say the representatives of the Federation of Doctors of France (FMF), the union of liberal doctors (SML) and the French Union for Free Medicine (UFML) , Tuesday, November 29, for a joint press conference with the collective “Doctors for tomorrow”. Appearing on Facebook, claiming to be “asyndical and apolitical”, this group of 15,000 members displayed was, the first, to consider disengling.

But “common”, this front is up to a certain point: MG France -the majority organization among generalists -, and the Confederation of French Medical Unions (CSMF) -Genéralists, while calling for the strike, do not join the promoters of the movement on their flagship claim: the revaluation of the price of the basic medical consultation at 50 euros; A doubling, in view of the current 25 euros, when the average of European rates is around 46 euros.

“Health is not an expense but an investment, we do not want to earn more but work better,” defends Corinne Le Sauder, president of the FMF. “It is essential to revalue the price of the consultation; we do not even have enough money to hire secretaries, while 30 % of our work consist of administrative charges,” insists Céline Brettelle, Word of “doctors for tomorrow” in Ile-de-France.

On the subject, the majority unions assume a step aside. “Anger and concern are shared, explains Agnès Giannotti from MG France, and the basic consultation should be revalued at inflation, but it is first the complex consultations of the attending physician who deserve special attention. “Same positioning of the CSMF-Generalist, which evokes, for long consultations, a price at 60 euros.

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