Elon Musk: Neuralink will begin to implant chips into brain of people in six months

American businessman Ilon Musk said his Neuralink company will begin clinical trials in people of wireless neurochips over the next six months, which are supposed to be implanted into the human body.

Neuralink is an ambitious project to develop an implant that allows the brain and computer to interact without additional interfaces. At the presentation conducted on November 30, Musk emphasized the possibility of applying development for medical purposes, and also spoke about the implantation procedure.

According to Bloomberg , Neuralink offers a high-invasive technology for connecting a person to a computer-to conduct the operation, it is necessary to open the skull and integrate mini-electrodes in the brain tissue. The company is working to ensure that implanted electronics does not cause rejection for a long time.

According to Ilon Mask, Neuralink can restore vision even among the blind people from birth. The company also believes that the Neuralink device can restore the full function of the torn spinal cord.

Despite the fact that the main area of ​​application of Neuralink is the restoration of damaged brain functions, the system also has the potential to expand human capabilities.

For example, in 2020, Elon Musk said that the implant could not only solve problems such as insomnia and paralysis, but also give the user “superhuman vision”.

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