2022 World Cup: when goal refused to Antoine Griezmann animates evening of Blues and TF1

Failing to have allowed the French team to draw a draw against Tunisia, Wednesday, November 30 in Al-Rayyan, the player contributed, despite himself, to launch a new controversy concerning arbitration Video and put the TV channel in embarrassment.

by Alexandre Pedro (Special Envoy in Al-Rayyan [Qatar])

Basically, this 43 e goal of Antoine Griezmann’s international career would have changed anything in the sense of a match as sacrificed as failed, nothing changed for Blues already qualified before Kick -off for the rest of this 2022 World Cup in Qatar. However, he managed to animate the discussions on Wednesday November 30 at the Education City stadium in Al-Rayyan. He mainly caused yet another controversy concerning the use of video assistance to refereeing (VAR), failing to prevent a defeat of the Blues against Tunisia (0-1) during this last match of group D.

“The referees make choices, we must accept. We were quite nice because we were already qualified, we did not annoy ourselves too much,” observed the frustrated but relatively calm scorer after the meeting. “Nice”, but not decided either to give up asserting your right. During the night of Wednesday to Thursday, the French Football Federation wrote a complaint for a goal “wrongly refused”. The object does not relate to the bottom of the action: namely the fact that “Grizou” could benefit or not from his position of passive offside at the start of the action before receiving a ball deviated by the defender Tunisian, Montassar Talbi.

The game had taken up

In reality, there are almost as many interpretations as arbitrators. That of the meeting, the New Zealander Matthew Conger, judged that yes, Griezmann was offside, but only in a second step. In a first, he had granted the goal, and, this is the subject of the dispute, the game resumed after the Tunisians made the commitment. The referee then whistled the end of the match before being arrested by video assistance and invalidate the goal.

The subtlety has not escaped Didier Deschamps. “I went to see the referee, I did not feel very comfortable. (…) I am awaiting an answer on the regulations. The referee whistled the kick -off [after the French goal] and the end of the match. Did he have the right to come back? I discussed with him. I asked him. I am waiting for a response, “said the coach at a press conference .

According to an arbitration source interviewed by AFP, this situation does not appear in the Var protocol. “As soon as the kick-off has been given, then it is impossible to return to the offside situation,” she explains. According to the video assistance protocol consulted by the agency “If the game has resumed after being arrested, the referee cannot carry out an analysis [with the support of the video], except in the event of an erroneous identity or In the event of an infraction liable to exclusion such as violent behavior, sputum, bite, and/or injury, rude or insulting acts. “

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