Spanish police liquidated group of cybercriminals that earned more than 12 million euros in fraud

The National Police of Spain eliminated the grouping of cybercriminals, which fooled 12.345.731 euros using fake sites for crypto investments. The investigation began after the legal representative of one of the copied platforms reported what was happening to the police.

Law enforcement agencies arrested 6 members of the group during the Madrid and Barcelona operations. All scammers will be charged on suspicion of fraud and laundering of money.

In order to deceive inattentive users, cybercriminals made their sites as similar as possible to the original and used Typskvotting – one of the varieties of cyberskvotting, which is based on the registration of domain names close to writing with addresses of large and popular resources. Then the matter remained small – send the victims to the victims of phishing letters with links to sites. It seemed to the victim that she got to the site that she was making profitable investments, although in fact the “deposits” were sent to the bank accounts of criminals.

All stolen funds were transferred to bank accounts of scammers in Spain, Portugal, Poland and France, and then laundered through foreign organizations. Washing stolen, attackers returned the money to their Spanish accounts.

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