America was completely banned by Tiktok

Governor of South Dakota Christie Noem November 29 issued a decree prohibiting the use of Tiktok by state bodies, employees and contractors on state devices. This decision is associated with the “growing threat of national security, which is the Tiktok data collection.

The order prohibits not only the use of the platform, but also the application of the application, and even just visiting the site on any state device with the Internet connection.

in document also states that byTedance (maternal company Tiktok) may get control of user Data stored on mobile devices, such as the history of views, location and pressing of keys, and use them to collect confidential information, theft of intellectual property or for other “illegal purposes”. According to sources, out of 1 billion users of the platform 135 million are located in the USA.

”South Dakota will not participate in the collection of intelligence countries that hate us,” said Governor Christie Noem. “The China Communist Party uses the collected information to manipulate the American people in their interests.

South Dakota is not the first state organization that banned Tiktok on state devices. Similar actions were taken by the US military and transport security department. Noem said that other states will follow the example of South Dakota and ban the platform, and the Congress will take “wider actions”.

/Media reports cited above.