Brussels, an extraordinary trial opens to judge 2016 attacks

The attacks which had touched Brussels in March 2016 left thirty-two dead and were perpetrated by the same cell behind the attacks of November 13 in Paris. The debates will start on Monday and last until June 2023.


With nine accused facing a thousand civil parties, the Brussels Assize Court opened, Wednesday, November 30, an extraordinary trial to determine the responsibilities in the jihadist attacks which took place in Brussels in 2016. The audience opened at 9 am with the draw for the popular jury, scheduled for a day.

The debates that must last until June 2023 will start next Monday. Six and a half years after the worst attacks suffered by Belgium in peacetime, this trial promises to be the greatest ever organized before a Belgian assize court. On the morning of March 22, 2016, two jihadists had exploded at Brussels-National Airport in Zaventem, and a third an hour later in the European capital metro, causing a total of thirty-two dead and several hundred wounded.

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