Issue Wayland-Protocols 1.31

published the package Issue Wayland-Protocols 1.31 , containing a set of protocols and extensions that complement the capabilities of the base protocol Wayland and provide the possibilities necessary for building composite servers and user environment.

All protocols are sequentially undergoing three Phases – development, testing and stabilization. After completing the development stage (category “ unstable ) the protocol is placed in the branch” staging “and officially included in the set of Wayland-protocols, and after completion of testing moves to the category of stable. Protocols from the “Staging” category can already be used in composite servers and customers, where the functionality associated with them requires. Unlike the “Unstable” category, “Staging” is prohibited from making changes that violate compatibility, but in case of identification of problems and flaws during testing, a new significant version of the protocol or other Wayland expanding is excluded.

The new version was published a week after the release Wayland-protocols 1.30 , in which added support for the Teining-Control protocol to disable vertical synchronization. In version 1.31, the category of “Staging” added protocol fractional-scale , using Which a composite manager can transmit non -kissed values ​​of surfaces, which allows the client to determine a more accurate size of buffers for WP_Viewport objects compared to the transfer of rounded scale information. Implementation of the protocol FRACTIONAL-SCALE for wlroots , kwin and glfw .

Currently, Wayland-Protocols includes the following stable protocols, which ensure reverse compatibility:

  • viewporter -allows the client to perform scaling and cutting stones surfaces on the server side.
  • Presentation-time “-ensures the video display.
  • xdg-shell -interface of creating and interacting with surfaces like with windows, which allows them to move along the screen, turn, turn, change the size, etc.

Protocols tested in the branch “ staging “:

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