Update Firefox 107.0.1

Available Correcting release Firefox 107.0.1, which eliminates several flaws:

  • Resolved problem with access to some sites that use the code to counteract the advertising blockers. The problem was manifested in a private viewing mode or when the strict locking of unwanted content (Stickt) is turned on.
  • eliminated error , which led to the inaccessibility of color management (Color Management) for some users.
  • Fixed problem with the text of the text buttons in the configurator.
  • eliminated incompatibility with the function “Suggested Actions” proposed in Windows 11 22H2, leading to freezing copying links with phone numbers.
  • Fixed error , which led to the inaccessibility of the web developer tools when displaying a prevention dialogue.

You can additionally note update Tor Browser 11.5.10 Browser for Android, based on a branch Firefox ESR 102 and focused on ensuring anonymity, safety and privacy. The new version fixes the regressive change that appeared in the issue of 11.5.9 and leading to emergency completion on devices with Android 12 and 13. Supplemented as part of Tor Browser, the Noscript addition is updated to version 11.4.13.

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