United States: Senate votes law protecting homosexual marriage throughout country

Once adopted by the House of Representatives, the new legislation will land on the desk of Joe Biden who undertook to sign it “quickly”.

Mo12345lemonde with AFP

The American Senate voted, Tuesday, November 29, a law protecting homosexual marriage throughout the United States. The text, adopted for fear of returning back the Supreme Court in the matter, was approved at 61 votes against 36.

“The United States is about to reaffirm a fundamental truth: love is love and the Americans should be able to marry the person they love,” American president Joe Biden reacted in a Communicated.

The House of Representatives had already validated a very similar text in July, supported by all Democrats as well as 47 Republicans. She will pronounce next week on this modified law to harmonize the two texts, which should only be a formality. Once adopted by the Lower Congress Chamber, the new legislation will land on the office of Joe Biden who undertook to sign it “quickly”.

“After months of hard work, after numerous negotiations transprians, after many doubts, we take a decisive step towards greater justice for the Americans of the LGBTQ community”, applauded the chief of the Democrats in the Senate, Chuck Schumer.

“Historical advance”

Unions between same-sex people have been guaranteed by the United States Supreme Court since 2015. But after the historic flip-flop on abortion, many progressives fear that this right will also be unit. A large majority of Americans support marriage between people of the same sex, including in republican ranks. But the religious right remains mainly opposed to it.

Concretely, the law repeals previous legislation defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman and prohibits civil status agents – whatever the state in which they work – to discriminate the couples “in Reason for their sex, race, ethnicity or origin “. This text also applies to interracial couples.

“Today’s vote has extremely personal implications for many of us in this hemicycle,” said Chuck Schumer, dressed in the tie he had brought to the marriage of his daughter and his partner .

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