Immigration: government wants to create residence permit for healthcare professionals

This new residence card of a validity of one to four years is intended for doctors for midwives, dental surgeons, pharmacists and their families.

MO12345lemonde with AFP

attract foreign doctors to “meet the need for recruitment” in the health field. This is the objective of the residence permit which the government is considering creation for professionals in the sector, as part of its Immigration Bill, which the Agency France-Presse (AFP) was able to consult, Tuesday December 20.

This new multi-year residence card called “talent-medical and pharmacy professions” concerns doctors “whatever their specialty”, midwives, dental surgeons and pharmacists, according to the text transmitted on Monday to the Council state.

The Immigration Bill, which must be presented in the Council of Ministers in January before being examined in the Senate and then in the National Assembly in early 2023, was the subject of all -out consultations at the end year, as well as a heated debate and without vote in the Parliament.

As the Government said several months ago, the text gives pride of place to measures intended to promote the expulsions of foreigners in an irregular situation, in particular by a “structural” reform of the asylum, and contains Several articles supposed to improve integration.

“Improve the attractiveness of the right to stay”

After the residence permit “Trades in tension” already announced to meet sectors in shortage of labor, this new card completes the component of the bill intended to “control immigration” and to ” Improve integration “, developed by interior and work ministers, Gérald Darmanin and Olivier Dussopt.

According to article 7, this card would be intended for health professionals and their families “as soon as they are recruited by a non -profit public or private health establishment”.

“This title aims to meet the need for recruitment of qualified health personnel in health establishments or medico-social establishments”, especially because these foreign practitioners can currently still not be hired “for lack of Residence permit responding fully to the specificity of these situations “, justifies the executive.

This card “will improve the readability and attractiveness of the right to stay for these qualified audiences, while taking into account the challenges of verification of the ability of foreign professionals to exercise in the hospital field”, add- he. The text thus provides for conditioning its issuance to an authorization from the Regional Health Agency. Its validity duration will be one at four years.

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