Football: Pelé sees his cancer “progress” and suffers from renal and heart failure

The state of health of the former round ball star requires “greater” care, said the hospital where Pelé is supported.

Mo12345lemonde With AFP

The Brazilian Legendary Legende Cancer Pelé “progresses” and his condition requires “greater care” due to “renal and heart failure”, announced the hospital of Sao Paulo on Wednesday, December 21, where The former footballer was taken care of.

The “king” Pelé, 82, had been admitted on November 29 at the Albert Einstein hospital for a reassessment of his chemotherapy treatment after the detection of a colon tumor in September 2021.

The Brazilian remains hospitalized “in a normal room, where he receives the necessary care”, according to a statement from the doctors of the establishment.

A few minutes before the publication of this press release, two of the girls of Pelé, Kely Nascimento and Flavia Arantes, announced on their Instagram accounts that their father would spend Christmas in the hospital. “Our Christmas at home has fallen into the water. We decided with the doctors, that, for various reasons, it is better to stay here, with all the care provided by our new family [from the Albert Hospital] Einstein” , can we read in this message, illustrated with a photo of the two smiling sisters.

Sunday, Kely Nascimento had published a photo of his sister Flavia massaging his father’s left foot while he was watching the final of the World Cup on television. Pelé’s face did not appear in the photo.

“Congratulations to Argentina”

After the match, the triple world champion congratulated the Argentinian Lionel Messi for his coronation “deserved” against France. “Congratulations to Argentina! Diego [Maradona, died on November 25, 2020] certainly smiles currently,” wrote Pelé on Instagram. During this World Cup, he saw Neymar equal his goal record with the Seleçao (77).

Pelé is one of the last sacred monsters of football, after the disappearance of Johan Cruyff in 2016 and especially Maradona in December 2020. He had paid him a vibrant tribute, even if the two men had maintained a certain rivalry in the past . “One day, in heaven, we will play together in the same team. And it will be the first time that I will lift my fist to the sky not to celebrate a goal, but because I can give you the hug,” then had declared the Brazilian.

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